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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Five Spectacular sights of Awesome Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of dreams, home of Hollywood, this Awesome city doesn’t need any introduction, everyone knows about it. Los Angeles or ‘LA’ is a remarkable and one of the most famous cities in the world. This American dreamland is one of the biggest hotspots in the world, so don’t wait and book your direct flights to Los Angeles and know more of LA, the city which is the home for the stars of this earthly world.

Los Angeles: know the Home of Hollywood
Non stop flights to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as the largest city of California, one of the most celebrated cities not only just in California or America but also in the world. The dreamland for every actor, director, producer or movies enthusiasts, LA is the World Showbiz Capital. This Second most populated city in America is the biggest cultural hub in the country. Book now cheap flights tickets Los Angeles with Crystal Travel and explore this stunning Californian beauty.

Five Handpicked Sights of LA for you 
Non stop flights to Los Angeles

1        1.        Griffith Park: Basically a large Municipal Park, Griffith Park is really huge, having the area of more than 4300 acres, Griffith Park is one of the largest parks in North America, a huge tourist attraction in Los Angeles. Sitting in Los Feliz and known as Central Park of LA, Griffith is a great place to have a nice picnic or do a moderate bush walking.

2.      Cathedral of Our Lady: A stunning church, also called as COLA, Cathedral of Our Lady is the largest church in the city. Opened just back in 2002 and located in W. Temple St, this Roman Catholic church is a great place to explore the mix of modern and classic architecture and it also has a nice museum which a delight to visit.

3.      Universal Studios Hollywood: One of the most famous Movie Studios in the world, also one of the oldest and still busiest movie studios in the world. The first Universal theme park, Universal Studios is one of the most spectacular and coolest places to visit in Los Angeles.

4.      Hollywood Walk of Fame: For any movie star follower, this place is literally the Mecca, having more than 2400 foot prints of in three blocks of Vine Street; it is one of the most celebrated sidewalks in the world. Having foot printed terrazzo and bass all over in the streets. It’s like a fortune hunting while you search for your favorite star’s mark in these streets. Sure you are going to try that!

5.      The Hollywood Sign: The mark of LA and the biggest film Industry in the world, the famous Hollywood Sign. This is the most famous spot in the Los Angeles, sitting proudly on the Mount Lee; the Hollywood Sign gives you a moderate hiking which ends up with spectacular view of Hollywood District. Built in 1923, this place is calling you while you visit LA by getting on cheap flights to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles needs no introduction what so ever and it will be an insult to this city if you describe the fame and charm of Los Angeles. There is no second opinion for the awesomeness of this spectacular city, they call LA. Visit LA by booking now your cheap direct flights to Los Angeles with Crystal Travel, which is another spectacular way to book cheapest flight tickets in UK. 

Four Extreme Heart Catching Sights of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city with only one shade, that is the shade of fun & entertainment, that too so dark that it won’t get out of your system for a long-long time. Las Vegas or as every call it with love “the Vegas” is the arguably the most famous tourist destination in the world. The Marriage land and the land of Bachelor/Stag parties, Vegas is the city of pleasure and Vegas proves it every night and day. Book now your direct flights to Las Vegas and have the license for unlimited fun in the ‘Sin City’.


Las Vegas is the biggest city of Nevada, sitting with all its charm and glory in Clark County, in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas is the financial and cultural hub of Nevada or Southern Nevada to be more specific. The Entertainment Capital of the World, shines like a mirage in the desert and gives the world all known and unknown pleasures. Book now your cheap flights to Las Vegas and explore this one of the kind city named Las Vegas.
Direct flights to Las Vegas

They say there is no city in this world that can match the charm of Las Vegas. Vegas is loaded with countless attractions which are immensely magical and attracting millions of tourists every year. there is a myth that Vegas is only for rich people, no, Vegas is for everyone and to experience it book your cheap flights tickets from Crystal Travel and enjoy the Vegas at its fullest.

Four Awesome Places in Awesome SIN CITY

1.      Aquarium of the Mirage: A great Show of water animals, nice place to visit, a wonderful attraction, though not free but gives you a lot of opportunity to clap out of amusement. This is one of the best places for you to visit in days in Las Vegas. Location! It’s in the Mirage itself.

2.      The MGM Grand: One of the greatest hotels in the world, a dream for everyone to spend only one night in this luxurious hotel, having one of the largest casinos in the world where you can change your destiny. Having a great indoor stadium where they organize great high profile boxing matches and the mascot show of all MGM movies in MGM Grand Lion Habitat. Not a place to miss at any coast.

3.      Contemporary Arts Collective: Basically a large exhibition hall, having a great number of photographs, paintings and sketches of various genre and known/unknown artists from around the world. It is a great place for appreciating modern visual art and new artists. Located in Charleston Blvd CAC is a free place to visit and treat for the eyes.
Direct flights to Las Vegas

4.      Bellagio Fountains: The symbol of Las Vegas, This is basically a large chain of fountain, featured in countless movies, Bellagio Fountains is simply a great show. Situated right in front of Bellagio Hotel, a great crowd gathers every night to view the exquisite show of these fountains.

Las Vegas is the unmatched city; there is no city in this or in the other world that can match the charm and the legacy of Las Vegas. No one can forget this city and the fun this city provides after visiting Las Vegas. Book now your cheap direct flights to Las Vegas and explore the SIN CITY. You can book the same from Crystal Travel which is the best way to buy cheapest air tickets in UK. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dine-in Options on Your Stay in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, an astonishing land from South Africa, the biggest destination for tourism in whole Africa, one metropolis from African Continent which is capable to run toe to toe with any well developed city in the world. Johannesburg is equipped with some of the most modern amenities and a wide range of attractions which are capable to cater all the visitors travelling Johannesburg after buying book cheap direct flights to Johannesburg from London.

Johannesburg in a Glance
Direct flights to Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the wealthiest city from the wealthiest province of South Africa. The provincial capital of the large province named Gauteng; Johannesburg is also the largest city in South Africa, the richest city of Africa is also known as the financial heart of South Africa, regarded as one of the most important financial hubs in the world, Johannesburg attracts a major flocks of visitors from across the world and make them to board Non Stop flights to Johannesburg with Fly Africa.

Options to Eat in Johannesburg

Ø  Cnr Cafe Bistro and Deli: Cnr is one of the finest coffee shops in Johannesburg, a great place to start a day with the coffee/beverage of your choice. Cnr Cafe Bistro and Deli has been a favorite place among visitors for enjoying an utterly healthy and equally delicious breakfast. If you want to try some all you need to do is reach Rothesay Avenue.

Ø  Cafe Del Sol: One of the finest Italian restaurants in Johannesburg, Cafe Del Sol is a place where you can try great variety of Italian cuisine. Located in Randburg region, Cafe Del Sol is known for serving great brunch and dinner, proved itself as a great place for late night dinner. If you are going to give a try to Cafe Del Sol, then trial of their superb desert range is recommended.

Ø  Michelangelo's Piccolo Mondo: Michelangelo's Piccolo Mondo is a beautiful restaurant, specialized in Mediterranean food; they are known to serve delicious food with utter delicacy and beauty, Michelangelo's Piccolo Mondo is all about elegant dining. If you have the same taste of cuisine and environment, Michelangelo's Piccolo Mondo is a treat for you, sitting in West Street, Nelson Mandela Square.

Ø  Restaurante Parreirinha: Pretty Portuguese interior and great fusion food, recipes gathered from all across the Europe, Restaurante Parreirinha is a great place for a romantic dinner or a nice business meeting. Sitting in La Rochelle, this restaurant is a place where you can enjoy almost any cuisine from Europe.

Johannesburg is an all-rounder skipper from the South African team of cities, Jozi is a highly multifarious city, having a great variety in almost every sector and always ready to entertain visitors travelling this astonishing South African Metropolis, book now cheap flights and explore this huge metropolitan epicenter of Gauteng. You can book your cheap flights to Africa with Fly Africa which is a known name in UK for getting the same at the cheapest prices available in UK. 

Try International Cuisines in Cape Town

An old African city, proved itself as a great holiday destination long back and still living up to the reputation. Cape Town is one of the largest cities in South Africa, reputed as one of the most modern cities in the country and globally known as a great host. Book now cheap flights tickets to Cape Town and experience this remarkable South African city which is always ready as a humble host for all visitors.

Cape Town the Mother City
Cape Town the Mother City
Mother City of Cape Town
Cape Town is the oldest developed city in Africa, known as the mother city of Africa; Cape Town was first developed by Dutch Colonial Rulers as supply station around 1652, ever since Cape Town has been one of the most important cities in South Africa. Book now your book cheap direct flights to Cape Town from Fly Africa and explore this magnificent South African City sitting on the shores of Table Bay.

International Cuisines in Cape Town

ð  Origin Coffee Roasting: Start your day in Cape Town with a nice coffee and to enjoy the same reach Hudson Street. Origin Coffee Roasting is known as one of the best coffee shops in Cape Town, this award winning coffee shop is the assured place to enjoy one of the best coffee experiences one can have.

ð  Planet Restaurant: Planet Restaurant is a great place, where you can enjoy authentic British cuisines, an elegant place where they serve delicious food with utter delight and you will see the art in your plates. Located in Orange Street, Planet Restaurant has large space with classy décor, in short an awesome place for an awesome dinner/lunch.

ð  Beleza: Don’t want to stick to a particular cuisine type? Don’t worry and visit Beleza, they are known to serve a great variety of food; you can see dishes from almost every region of Europe in their menu. Beleza is particularly famous for their Italian and Portuguese food line. Beleza also has a nice bar, so if you feel like to have some wine with your meal they will serve that too. All Non Stop flights to Cape Town you need to reach Kloofnek Road, coz that’s where you can find Beleza.

Cuisines in Cape Town
ð  Savoy Cabbage: Delicious and authentic African food, recipes gathered from various parts of Africa, if that is what you are looking for then your search will lead you to Savoy Cabbage, an outstanding African Restaurant located in Hout Street, where you can try some great stakes. Savoy Cabbage is a very calm restaurant with a pretty nice menu and great serving staff.

Cape Town is a multifarious city, both with culture and sights; Cape Town is loaded with a pretty nice range of attractions and sights, where one visitor can easily enjoy. Book now your direct flights to Cape Town and enjoy this beautiful capital city of Western Cape. You can book your cheap flights to Africa from Fly Africa which is an utterly famous travel agency for providing the same at the cheapest prices in UK. 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Shift in the Intriguing city of New York

Explore New-Age Paradigm Shift in the Intriguing city of New York

Beneath the serrated skyline lies the satirical, trendsetting city of New York. It’s why myriad tourists have pinned their hopes on this place and love flying in with cheap flights to New York from UK. It’s not viable to see everything, regardless of its possessing power.

So as you visit this city by boarding on low cost air flights from UK, it will saturate you its culture and attractions and you will be acting like a jaded New Yorker in no time.

High Adrenalined fun in New York

wall street new york

New York guarantees immense fun and entertainment with cheap tickets to New York, because the city offers an assortment of fascinations for everyone. 
There are:
  •          Museums
  •          Theatres
  •          Cinemas
  •          Parks
  •          Historic buildings
  •          Zoos
Gardens inter alia comprising of the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Rockefeller Centre, Ellis Island and the Grand Central Terminal abide to mesmerize visitors, inviting copious

Providentially, for those on a prudent budget, you can find a great deal on cheap hotels in New York as well as last minute cheap flights from London to New York without going over your finances.

Shop in the Big Apple

New York remains as one of the world's most motivating shopping destinations that allow halting of New York flights from UK. It is a real paradise for shopping lovers and visitors will find everything from avant-garde designer dresses to flea market commodities.

There are adequate stores to keep even the most passionate shopper busy for the season. New York boasts a large number of –
  •          costly shops
  •          markets
  •          departmental stores with luxurious boutiques
  •          bookstores
  •          discount stores
  •          shopping malls that facilitate the consumer’s experience
Mouth-Watering delights & Nightlife of NYC

Glamor of New York City in its Nightlife

With cheap New York holidays savor a chain of eateries and street-lined up restaurants with its aromatic dizziness may save a life or two. The food world here takes the centre stage with thousands of ways to get a taste of what Gotham is all about.

The modern years in New York have also seen entire food categories, from ramen to meatballs and Mac 'n cheese, riffled upon and turned into fetishist obsessions. 
Take a bit in: 
  •          Per Se
  •          Bubby’s Brooklyn
  •          Nobu
  •          Carmine’s
  •          Balthazar
Remember, ‘the city that never sleeps’ has the right to plunge you into its alluring night-life enabling you to enjoy new-age, world and trance like music in the various discotheques, pubs not only on weekends but whenever you want to escape into the care-free world.

There are Comedy Clubs that can perk your frowning face to a laughter breakout and tickle your inmost being when you wisely choosing last minute tickets to Delhi. Be bewildered at the various patterns this Big Apple offers.

Fly to New York from London on the best airline carrier and pay cheap for New York air tickets from ticketstonewyork.co.uk and gather up stacks of some lovely memories to recall with your families.

Welcomes to Sydney Everyone

Welcomes Everyone with Open Arms into the City of Sails

Sydney is an ever enticing city located on the port of Jackson also recalled as Sydney harbor. The magnificent city is renowned for its icon structures such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge inviting swarms of book cheap direct flights to Sydney Australia from UK.

The enticingly beautiful land offers ardent travelers grabbing cheap Sydney vacations with every tourist’s budget and taste. The metropolis blessed with many eye catching sights that can be categorized in terms of god made landscape and man-made structures.

Cuddle a Koala in Sydney

Take business class flights to Sydney from London and avail a chance to cuddle the amiable Koala bears at the Taronga zoo, explore the architectural metropolitan hosting number of iconic landmarks such as:

Cuddle a Koala with child
•                   Sydney Town Hall
•                   Queens Victoria Building
•                   Australian Museum

With airlines flying from UK to Sydney head to sight the natural bedazzling potshots such as the Rock and Blue Mountains which offers many exhilarating adventures in abundance.

Walk right into the fashion capital of Australia with discount airlines to Sydney

If in the fashion capital, get bewitched by the dazzling rages of clothes and goods from branded end to the local signature clothes. For a great shopping experience the best places which can be visited are Queen Victoria, Castlereagh building, Oxford Street and Pitt Street Mall.

With cheap car hire in Sydney relish the vibrant palate of local and multicultural cuisines within the city available at inexpensive prices. Being a tourist friendly potshot it can be visited at any time of the year with Sydney flights especially during the December through the February and September through the November.

Dare to endeavor “Adventurous Sydney”?

After checking in at cheap hotels in Sydney adventure lovers can try out activities such as bush walking  cycling and commuting with modes such as the rail, bus, ferry and light rail. Being a lavish sprawling city it offers a wide range of hotels, especially for the bag packers. Book flights to Sydney and embark a hedonistic and ravishing holiday experience with gushing adventures such as:
•                   Sydney Fast Ferries
•                   Into the Blue Creative Walks
•                   Scenic World
•                   Oberon Festivals
•                  Manly Sea-life Sanctuary
•                   River Deep Mountain High
•                   Cloud 9 Balloon Flights
•                   Taranga Zoo
•                   Zone 3 Five Dock

Explore Best Restaurants with cheap international flights to Sydney
•                   Zeta Bar
•                   Bellevue Hotel
•                   Boat house on Blackwattle Bay
•                   Ripples at Milsons Point
•                   Bavarian Bier Café Parramatta

Best Shopping Centers in Sydney
•                    Paper 2
•                   Sappho Books
•                   Galley Serpentine
•                   Vendome Woollahra
•                   Bundeena Markets
•                   Hatmaker
•                   Cumberland County Fair
•                   Harbor side Shopping
•                   Bondi Farmers Market

Allow sydneyflights.co to be your one-stop shop where you can avail cheap Auckland flights, last minute flights to Sydney Australia from UK, cheap hotel deals and low budget holidays to Australia from London. Sydney will surely enthrall you down to your senses as you come back wanting more of it.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Have loads of fun and merriment in the capital city of China

Catch Beijing flights from Heathrow for a memorable vacation in China

Book affordable flight tickets to Beijing from London Heathrow and visit this destination to enjoy one of the unforgettable tours of your lifetime. You will come across some beautiful and alluring sightseeing spots and various adventurous activities in this part of the world.

Excitement for Adventure lovers in Beijing

After landing from cheap flights to Beijing from London, adventure is the ultimate fun which you can enjoy to full extent. If you love adventures then you must not miss the opportunity to take a walk through the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City which were abodes to the Chinese emperors. You should also watch out the Badaling region of the ‘Great Wall of China’ and enjoy the awesome panoramic views.
Cruising is another daring activity which you can enjoy after coming here. Take the three gorges river expedition and enjoy the absolute picturesque scenery. Likewise, there are many things to do like trekking, hiking and camping which travelers love to perform during their trip to the conurbation.

Great wall tours- Beijing
Great Wall of China
Tour to Great Wall of China is a must for anyone who comes here through Beijing flights from Heathrow. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a popular iconic tourist attraction of the country. What will surely catch your eye here is the natural beauty and historic importance of the place. People from all across the world come here to visit the place which extends for over more than 6000 kilometers. The view of huge and long wall here along with the splendid sightseeing surroundings will surely mesmerize you.

Fun of Ice Skating in Beijing

Purchase cheap air tickets to Beijing from London and visit the metropolis to experience absolute fun and enjoyment. Ice Skating is one of such activity here which everyone enjoys here a lot. There are so many places in the city where you can play the sport. The best time for ice skating is winters. There are ice cars which is also available during the season. You can take pleasure of playing and skating in the ice and have a gala holiday. Rocking music is another thing which adds to the fun.
Ice Skating in Beijing
Ice Skating in Beijing

Vibrant nightlife of Beijing

If you are a night life lover, then after landing from book cheap direct flights to Beijing from London Heathrow you will surely enjoy the nightlife here. There are so many clubs, discos, pubs and bars present here where you can dance, drink and feel the music. The environment all over is very much enthralling. Club Banana is of the best places to enjoy during night. Here you will have complete experience of the energetic nightlife and is the most popular venue of the city for the purpose. Other places where you can enjoy nightlife here are Re Dian, Karaoke, Hou Hai Bar, Sanlitun and lots more. 

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